FirstGear Men's Gen4 Heated Pant Liner

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HEATED PANT LINER  Easily combines with heated jacket liner and heated socks. The Gen4 Heated Pant Liner warms you in seconds, yet are designed to feel like part of you. Form-fitting, for optimum heat transfer to the body. The garment is durable, hand washable, and extremely lightweight. This version uses Gelanots, a breathable and waterproof stretch fabric in the front to block the wind, as well as a wicking effect when wearing jeans or other porous pants. More heat in more places than any other garment. The new "soft heat" heating panels have soft and flexible carbon shape for maximum heat transfer. All this efficiency means less insulation and power is required to deliver and retain the desired heat. The use of stretch Gelanots in front works as a wind stop and the anti-bacterial, moisture management Spandex fabric on the rear side prevents odors. Both materials contribute to allowing full range of movement for any activity and fits easily under your outer garments. Heated zones cover thigh, knee and upper butt with 48-Watts of heat. Integrated sock plugs stow in their own zippered pockets when not in use. Control the pants and socks with either a single or dual heat-troller. Only the best goes into the Heated Pants Liners: High-tech, wicking, stretch fabric construction with different cuts for men and women, YKK zippers, carbon "soft heat" heating element, connectors and wires rated to -40 degreesF for durability and longevity. 48-Watts of heat using soft-heat pure science heating method. Stretch Gelanots in front as a wind stop. Anti-bacterial, moisture management Spandex to keep heat against the body. Remote Heat-troller pocket.. Single or dual controller functionality. Packs it into its included zippered pouch. 3.5-Amps draw at 13.8V. 4.0-Ohms. One-year manufacturer's warranty. Black, 2XL