Emergency Phone Tree

Need motorcycle help in Alaska? Call one of these guys!


Alaska Leather®
1-907-562-2324 | 3611 Minnesota Drive Anchorage, AK 99503
That's us! We have tires, motorcycle apparel, Sheepskin Buttpads®, and great advice!
Make sure to order your tires in advance!
Stop by for information on local events and to sign our ADV Rider guestbook.

Alaska Rider and MotoQuest Tours
1-907-272-2777 or 1-800-756-1990 | 4346 Spenard Road Anchorage AK 99517
Free camping, showers, tools, limited parts for KLR's, V-Strom's, and BMW GS motorcycles. Also, beer from the beer fridge!

1-907-441-0002 or 243-4826
Camping, showers, pick-up, bedroom when available, food and drink, garage, tools

1-907-346-1165 or 1-909-360-9225
Near the airport, extra bedroom, garage space

Place to stay, food, garage space

907-441-2927 ask for Steve
Anchorage and Dead Horse 1/2 time

1-907-250-3524 Place to stay and conversation

1-907-644-8524 or 1-907-575-6558
Tools, welding, pickup-hauling (no trailer), tent space, couch space

Cell: 1-907-529-0104 Work: 1-907-644-7402 Home: 1-907-278-5483
Enclosed trailer and cabin available in Girdwood


Cell: 867-993-3863 Home: 867-993-5185
(Team Ptero Canada)
Shop, tire machine, bike lift, welding and cutting, tools, beer fridge, used tires, general abuse.

1.5 hours from the Cassiar turn off at Kitwanaga.

Eagle River

Home: 1-907-696-0967 Cell:1-907-223-1147
Pickup truck and gas.

Home: 907-622-8337 Cell: 907-632-7303
Eagle River, a mile from the Nature Center, 12 miles from the Glenn Hwy. Spotty cell service, but have a landline, internet, carport, trailer, tools, food, a place to stay, and gorgeous views!


Shop, tools, what to see in Fairbanks and conversation.

Work: 1-907-474-1886 Cell: 1-907-322-5500
Near UAF campus, garage space, tools, emergency lodging.

Work: 1-907-490-6014 Cell: 702-481-6014
My name is Bob. Live between Fairbanks and North Pole on the Richardson Hwy, and my landline is 907-490-6014. My cell is 702-481-6014, primary contact but some folks in AK don't have long distance. I have tools, a trailer, a shop to work in, including a bike lift and welders. I'm willing to travel long distances to help riders willing to go remote places. Sometimes I am away from home working and not available, as we all are, but if able, am very willing. I have room for someone to camp, but no real lawn, mostly gravel, but the real woods are just a mile away if someone wants to camp near (in) mosquito heaven (Near the Tanana River)


Cell: 1-907-351-6132 Home: 1-907-783-2005
Truck, trailer, garage and tools.

Work: 1-907-644-7402 Home: 1-907-278-5483 Cell: 1-907-529-0104
Enclosed trailer and a cabin in Girdwood that can be loaned out.


(973) 600-6192 - Eric (Homer)
Some recovery equipment, a good place to pitch a tent, and shop space equipped with basic assortment of crescent wrenches, hammers, rocks and other KLR tools.

(Homer) Full Power Starter Alternator Battery

Air compressor, tire repair tools, oil change facility



Soldotna: Tools, Shop, MC Lift, Flatbed Trailer, Tent Space, Shop Attic Bedroom if available, Internet, Kenai River Access Ask for Dave

1-907-398-0954 or 1-907-262-4922
(Kasilof) Tent, space, guest room, food, truck with trailer, shop, tools, welding.

 Soldotna: Tools, Trailer, Camping. Ask for Richard Eissler


1-860-836-0093 Email: Colinspencer2@mac.com



1-907-373-0124 or 1-907-0354-4445
Truck, trailer, tools, work space, and a place to pitch a tent or throw out a sleeping bag.


(Mile 11.5 Knik Goosebay Road) Garage, tools, welding, GS manual, trucks/trailers, places to crash. Drug and alcohol free environment.

Ask for Jim. Large garage, tools, space in garage for tent, trailer and truck, adult beverages!

10 mile Knik Goose Bay Rd, Wasilla. MC trailer, garage/tools/lift, space for tent. No drugs and must love dogs.

Ask for Tim. Shop, tools, welding, truck, trailer, shower, tent space, extra bedroom sometimes, and home cooked meal, depending on the schedule!

Ask for Jim. Mile 6 Wasilla-Fishhook (Near Hatcher’s Pass!) Garage, tools, computer, truck/trailer, crash in yard or garage.


(Ketchikan- can assist in Hyder/Stewart or Prince of Wales Island) Help with travel (emergency, ferry, air, or trip planning), expediting parts to and from areas, garage, tools, place to camp with phone and internet. Honda dealer and Yamaha outboard shop for bike parts.Riding buddy/tour guide for riders coming off the ferry in Ketchikan.

PM or email Kevin at jnuak@attalascom.net. Truck, trailer, tools, tire changer, garage, tent space, cabin, shower, wifi, phone, golden retrievers. Southeast Alaska, a bit out of the way for most on an Alaska trip, but well worth the effort.


Ask for Jeff. I Can assist with transportation (AMHS, AK Air, barge lines, etc.) have spare a spare bedroom, garage, tools and a truck for emergency pick up if required. I work shifts so a text message or voicemail should be considered.

(Wrangell) Tools, phone, internet, and knowledge of camping places.

My name is Mike, I’m can be available to help in Haines. I have garage space and just a few tools. Knowledge of camping areas. Can help assist with bike transportation via Alaska marine Lines or Lynden Transport.


Want to be on the list? Email us at alaskaleatheronline@gmail.com!