Go Cruise Throttle Control

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The new Go Cruise throttle control is an amazingly clever, simple and elegant solution to relieving stress on your wrist on long rides. Go Cruise installs on your throttle grip in a few seconds, no tools needed.

When you're at your desired speed, push the Go Cruise down with your index finger until it rests on your brake lever. Go Cruise has just enough grip to hold your throttle in place and take stress off your wrist. To reduce speed, simply roll the throttle off manually to override the Go Cruise.

  • One of the best on the market
  • Easy to use - on/off in 6 seconds
  • Design for the original stock RUBBER grip
  • 22 mm (Small, 7/8" diameter handlebar size) for urban and sport bikes
  • 25 mm (Large, 1" diameter handlebar size) for Harley Davidson or other cruisers
  • Super easy to install, no tool required
  • Available in black