Klim Atlas 14L Avalanche Airbag Vest

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The all-new Atlas 14 Avalanche Airbag Vest was designed for aggressive mountain riders looking for additional protection and minimalist on-body storage. Avalanche safety is tremendously important to us at KLIM, and airbags help you stay near the surface of a moving avalanche, reducing the risk of burial. The 14-liter Atlas vest is designed with the best-in-class Alpride E2 multi-use electronic airbag system. The E2 system is easy and cost-effective for deployment practice and for ease of use in the field. Added protection comes from comprehensive PE board torso coverage backed with channeled EVA foam for airflow. A harnessed beacon pocket maintains easy access to your transceiver. Ride thrilling backcountry terrain with more peace of mind and quick access to your equipment.

Quick Start Manual: 

    • Alpride E2 Airbag System
    • Atlas 14 total vest weight Small: 1,933 grams (4.26 lbs), Large: 2,041 grams (4.5 lbs)
    • 1140 grams Alpride E2 system weight
    • 162L airbag volume 
    • Smaller E2 system size occupies 1.19L of space
    • Ambidextrous mechanical airbag deployment
    • Mechanical trigger and externally-accessible deflation release
    • Automatic pressure relief valve releases airbag pressure after 3 mins
    • Supercapacitor powers radial compressor
    • Supercapacitor not affected by cold temperatures
    • Bag can be deployed while laying on back
    • USB-C port recharges supercapacitor in 20 minutes
    • 2x AA batteries recharge supercapacitor in 40 minutes
    • Supercapacitor tested to automotive standards
    • Lightest electrical airbag system on the market
    • No canister/Li-ion battery means no flight restrictions
    • Auto-test and LED indicators
    • LCD screen for supercapacitor & AA battery level indication