Monday, March 14th, 2022

Hello Alaska Leather,

I wanted to send a thank you and a testimonial that I think may help out some other BMW GS riders.
The Custom BMW GS buttpad shipped very quickly and was relatively easy to install, a little tight, but once on, that is a good thing.
I have ridden in less than 20F weather in NH and did not need heated pants because of the buttpad.
One of the main reasons I tried this buttpad is because I have found that the high compression on a GS when decelerating tends to throw me forward into the gas tank as I was sliding on the stock seat with riding pants.
This led to a constant cycle of pushing myself back on the seat into a normal riding position. On a 7000 mile ride, this gave me some back fatigue.
With the buttpad, I'm no longer sliding on the seat, so I can already tell that this was the correct solution. The buttpad is a lot less expensive than purchasing a replacement seat that may not have worked for the sliding issue.
I read all the reviews and product descriptions and didn't see whether the buttpad would stop the seat sliding, so I thought I'd take a chance purchasing this and I am very delighted the buttpad worked! 
Thanks again for a great product and quick delivery.
When I finally get to Alaska on my GS, I'll drop in and say hello!
Happy Trails
Alan Wood

August 26, 2020- Check out this YouTube review!

Sheepskin Buttpad review


"For those who prefer natural materials, look no further.  Sheepskin seat covers, or "buttpads" as Alaska Leather refers to them, provides additional padding as well as cooling when its hot and warmth when its cold. When piling on the miles, this translates into comfort. There is a reason that grizzled guy with a faded riding suit uses one!"

-Motorcycle Consumer News Dec 2016   



The buttpad came and it is the BEST EVER! Fits PERFECTLY and was an easy install. I can't thank you enough and I know my butt bones are going to love the longer rides now. Again, thanks for the fast shipping and an AWESOME product!


Suzanne B.

 Love, Love, love the buttpads!

We bought two for our Indian Scouts and they fit perfectly, hold in place, protect us from most engine heat and they are COMFORTABLE!

Oh, and they look amazing. We get asked about them all the time, people want to stroke them !!! and our friends will be buying them, too....Thank You for a great product.

Karen L.

After 30,000 miles and 16 states and providences around the western US and AK, I can't tell you how many times I am asked about my sheepskin (It could probably use a little fluff after all that butt time.) I tell everyone about Alaska Leather! 

I really love mine, thank you !

Alison D.

I just ordered 2 more Buttpads. Gave this white one to my son and the new ones are for my wife and I. This photo was taken in Colorado this summer. The trip would have been considerably less enjoyable if I didn't have your Buttpad! Thanks much!

Chuck R.

Wabasso, MN

Greetings, My seat pad arrived in the mail today. Following an easy installation, I went out for a 150 mile ride. What a noticeable difference with the Alaska Leather seat pad. Super comfortable and super affordable....one can't ask for more than that! Thanks for the fantastic product and quick shipping time,

Patrick S.

.... just a note to say ..."THANK YOU !!!!." I received this order a while ago ....... perfect ... as-usual !!. Keep up the good work, .. and all the success for 2016 !!!. Sincerely,

Mike D.

Ontario, Canada.

I received the sheepskin seat cover today and used it right away.  My wife and I ride for many hours since we are semiretired.  Normally we have to stop more frequently, but today our hips and rears did not hurt and we felt great after the 2 hour ride.

Thank you!


Nabil and Heather

AWESOME cover and AWESOME customer service!

I received my sheepskin cover a week ago this past Saturday, left on Tuesday for a 2,000, 5-day trip. And have to say, what a difference in my ride comfort. The cover allowed for good airflow and added just enough of a cushion to provide for a comfortable ride for many hours in the saddle.

Also need to say thank you for the GREAT customer service. Due to my last minute order, I needed it shipped right away. I missed a phone call from you, and instead of sitting and waiting for a return phone call, you planned ahead and immediately shipped it Express mail to ensure timely delivery. Great thinking, that is very much appreciated. Thank you!!

Craig M.

Appleton, WI

You guys are the BEST!!! This is my second order with you for the same item. I took my bike in for the 10k service and they removed the seat which of course, meant the backrest had to come off along with the pad! When I picked up the bike and put the pad back on, I must have scuffed the pad off when I threw my leg over to get on the bike! I did not notice until I got home, and immediately got back on the bike and road all the way back to the dealer, but no backrest pad was to be found. You not only replaced the exact item, but got it across the country in record time!! Just in time for the weekend ride time!

Thank you all, for a great product and great service! Kind regards,


I have a new to me 2010 Ultra Classic with stock seat and quick adjust relo kit on the back to add more room for 2 up rides. The full sheepskin pelt helped to fill in the gap in the back behind the seat that didn't look good when the tourpak was slid all the way back to make extra room for my wife - looks great now. But - the main reason we bought the full pelt seat cover - was for comfort - and your product really delivered! For example - a couple of weekends ago we went on a 5 hour HOG chapter ride 2 up and after about 3 hours both our bottoms were hurting and sore - which made the last 2 hours of the ride very uncomfortable (due to monkey butt and hot spots on the stock seat). This weekend we tested out the full pelt sheepskin cover 2 up on a 10 hour ride Saturday - and enjoyed ever minute of the ride without having any sore bottoms like we did without the cover on the previous 5 hour ride. It worked great! When we stopped for BBQ - usually the seat gets scorching hot in the sun - and while the cover was a little warm from sitting in the sun - it definitely wasn't hot like the stock leather gets! I forgot about the seat cover even being on the bike while riding and no desire to stop frequently for a butt rest - just had a great comfortable ride for the full 10 hours yesterday. I'm a heavy guy ~390lbs and my wife is at least ~250lbs - longer rides were killing our butt on the stock seats. This cover has made the stock seat comfortable for us both when riding 2 up - we won't be going anywhere without it on the bike. No more monkey butt - no more wanting to stop every hour to break up the butt pain - and now I don't need to sink a ton of money into getting the seat rebuilt by a custom builder so we can enjoy long trips. I'm absolutely thrilled with this full pelt sheepskin seat cover. I was also impressed with how quickly you shipped our order - and how fast it got from Alaska to Georgia (3 days). Thank you so much!

Scott "Stanky" & Amanda

Greetings Barb,

My name is Leroy from Anderson, Indiana. I am in Anchorage visiting my daughter who lives here. She and her boyfriend were recently in your shop purchasing some riding gear. That reminded me of the time several years ago that I sent you an order for a sheepskin saddle cover for my R1100RS BMW. After a delay of several weeks of not getting my order, you sent me one at no cost to me. You will not remember that, but I certainly do. I no longer have that bike or the seat cover, but I still appreciate your generosity. Thank you again,

Leroy L.

Anderson, IN

We buy and use your products for years but how often do we say thanks? Not often I bet.
Thank you for a superior product.


Just got it in…looks great on the bike! Thanks for the great service and fast ship.



Just wanted to pass on a funny story I installed a new pad on my Vstrom and love it. I work at (Naval Base Kitsap) Silverdale Wa after arriving at work at 4 a.m. I get a phone call from a guy asking what I have on my seat because a four by five Blacktail Buck is going crazy and licking the seat cover so I went to take a look and see if he was just pulling my leg. So I went out to see what was going on here is this huge Buck licking the cover so I removed it and put it in my top box no damage just a lot of grass seed and slobber I was glad he did not chew it up I guess now I will need to keep it in the top box when I ride to work Thank-you for your great product what do you tan these hides with.


I just wanted to say thank you for the way you handled this situation. I really appreciate that you went out of your way to make sure that I was happy with the product you sold me. There seem to be fewer companies out there that care if people are satisfied with their products. I will not hesitate to steer people towards your products in the future.

I mailed the other seat cover back a few days ago. I was actually camping the day it came so it might have a short delay. Again, thank you. I will be letting people know not only what kind of product you have, but also the great customer service you provide.


James S.

Hi Barb,
Got the hide, and it looks great! Doesn't feel too bad either. Got in about 130 miles in northern Arkansas and SW Missouri today before leaving for work tomorrow. One thing. I have the Sargent seat on this KLR, and where you sewed the attachments for the rear strap, the attachments were going to be on the seat top. Went to a local shop and they moved them, not straight, but they moved them. I 've included some pictures so that you can see what I'm talking about. Their location would have been fine for the stock seat. The Sargent and Corbin are much wider back there. And one other picture of the bike today in War Eagle by the mill and the river. Thanks again!



Received my order (see below) in Monday's (7-23-12) mail. Thank you for the speedy service!!

The pillion seat cover that I ordered fit the drivers seat on my Honda GB 500/Corbin seat perfectly. Thanks for the recommendation on that. Would not hesitate to recommend your products to any of my riding buddies.

Thanks again.

Neil H.

Thanks for your excellent customer service!
Ordered on Friday, delivered to PA Monday & my 'tush' is 'oh so comfortable' on the Tuesday morning commute.

You folks are great!!


PS - The silver highlights on the charcoal cover look great on my grey Burgman.

I ordered my Buttpad Friday night (5-18-12) wishing I had it the next morning for my ride. I read several reviews posted regarding how quick it delivered. I returned home from work Monday afternoon and it was in my mail box. From Anchorage Alaska to Arlington Texas over the weekend. Amazing!! Great job. I cannot mail a letter to Dallas without taking at least two to three days. (40 miles).

The pad is perfect. Great service. Each of you HAVE A GREAT DAY! :-)

Leroy L.

All I can say is WOW! I was concerned that my order might not make it for a trip I have planned within the next week. I placed the order on Friday and received the item on Monday. Thanks for your GREAT service!!!!

Tony I.

Just amazing!!!! I placed my order on Friday, May 11th and it arrived today, Monday, May 14th, in Forney, Texas. I don't know how you did it; all the way from Alaska in such a short time. You must have flew the package here yourself and personally delivered it to my doorstep. My Wife and I will certainly enjoy the sheepskins this weekend on our trip to Arkansas. AAAA++++++

Thank you, Thank you,

Allen S.

Forney, Texas

What a great product! I ordered the sheepskin cover for my Harley Davidson Ultra Limited and it is great!!! I love it, and so does my wife. I am impressed with the quick shipping and great product. Thanks.

Larry T.

Hoschton, GA

My wife and I took our 2010 Ural Gear Up to Crater Lake the other Day. Longhair natural pelt looks and good as it rides.

George L.

Received my buttpad and fits the seat on my trike perfectly. Fast shipment and looks great too! I tried it out for a short 100 mile day-run yesterday and love the buttpad. I have a trike conversion and had to shorten the pipes, which brings a lot of heat under my seat. The buttpad seems to keep me cooler as I had read in some of the other testimonials. Taking a longer trip up the Eastern seaboard this summer, so really glad I purchased the buttpad. I’m sure the trip will be much more comfortable!


Basehor, KS

I love the sheepskin you sent me. It is very comfortable. I will get much more enjoyment out of the bike now. Here are a couple of pics. The color you sent is perfect.It looks like a brown bear,which are a prevalent nuisance in my area. Thanks very much.

Scott K.


Barb and the gang,

My Wife and I recently went on a motorcycle trip from Grand Bay, Alabama to Williams, Arizona. We put 4,323 and 4,532 respectively on our Harley Davidson's. We purchased 2 of your AWESOME seat covers before we took our trip. We rode with your seat covers every day, until we hit rain about 200 miles from our home and BOY DID WE MISS the seat covers. We could not believe HOW MUCH difference your product made!! We will NEVER ride without our ALASKA LEATHER COMPANY sheep skin pads! We just wanted to let you know what a great product that you provide. I have attached photos of our odometers and Donna with the bikes and showing her seat cover, mine is now visible but TRUST ME IT"S THERE!!Ride Hard and Ride Safe!

Kevin and Donna

Alaska Leather:
Thanks for a great product. I bought the pad for my Road King in 1999 and have ridden over 60,000 miles on it, I cannot imagine riding without it and recommend it highly to other riders. This summer for my 64th birthday I plan to ride to Sturgis from Tallahassee Florida as I have done twice before.


Peter L.

Tallahassee, FL

Butt Pad arrived today - really impressed with how quickly it arrived. Fits the GS really well - hope it works for me - big trip is next week.



I ride a 2009 Vstrom and was looking for a way to get that added comfort in the summer. Wearing jeans is much more comfortable when you have a pad on your bike. It keeps the moisture from collecting in uncomfortable ways. Last year on a trip to Americade, I had borrowed the buttpad off of my Suzuki to give to my wife for use on our GoldWing. I temporarily fastened it down using Velcro—big mistake! While I was going down the road one evening by myself, I forgot to remove the pad. It blew off in the road. By the time I turned around, another biker had claimed the prize and I assume is happily enjoying it now. I am purchasing a replacement now for an upcoming trip. Once you have one of these pads, you don’t want to be without it. I recommend it to all my friends.

Joseph A.

Canton, Ohio

Received our two-up butt pad-----it's beautiful---fits perfect---can't wait to take my honey on a bike ride, she's going to love it !! Maybe in about two months---too much ice and snow at the moment. Thanks so much for the quick service and terrific wool cover.


Barb picked this Long Hair Deluxe Pelt specifically for my 2010 Ural Gear Up. It is a beautiful pelt. People comment on it all the time. Many think it's from a bear. It is a wonderful addition to a Ural. Gone are the hot spots from the seats. It is soft and remains so hour after hour. It is the best thing you could ever do for your BUTT !

George L.

Grants Pass, Oregon


I recently purchased one of your pillion pads for my Norton Commando with a custom Corbin seat. I have attached a photo of the pad on my Norton. I have to tell you that your sheep skin pad made a world of difference in my comfort level. Corbin seats run pretty firm, and my butt was in pain after about 50 miles of riding. Now I feel like I can ride all day long.

Thanks for making my bike comfortable again,

Rick A.

Hello there Alaska-people,

I would like to thank you for sending me the buttloving Buttpad. Its looking very good and it even fits to the bike. I've just come back from my vacation doing a cool 4000 km up the winding roads through the Italian Alps. Great country, fantastic roads and even better weather so I had a great time.


I left on the 9th of september....without a piece of sheep under my doomed butt! It did not arrive in time, although I did make a special. You can understand that I was a sort of crossed and had to be a tough guy the coming 4000 km. (which I am so no problem there.) After the trip I came home, found a note in the mail to collect a package from the US, dated 13 september. So I said to myself, thank you Alaska, perfect timing.


When I signed for it, I looked at the invoice, the stamp on it revealed that it arrived in the Netherlands on the 6th. And our beloved dutch customs needed one whole week, to stamp it and write me a extra bill for 25 euro's!!


Please forgive for the bad vibes I most certainly send you during the agony I experienced during the long trip home, because you guys are not to blame. It is clear that our custom officials did not seem to think that my "please deliver on time-appeal" on the invoice (which they had to read!) was that important. O well, it's probably the same in every country :(


The other tough guys, who join me every year in the trip, want to go even further next year is the rumour, so my little black sheep can have a long rest til then, and I hope he (or is it she?) will take good care of my lower backside next year.

Greetz from Holland


Hi Barb,

Your buttpads showed up yesterday and I can confirm a perfect fit. Did a quick 20 mile test run in 93 degree heat and no sweaty ....... you know what. Excellent product, outstanding quality and stellar customer service. Thanks again for your reply and you can add the yami xt1200z super tenere as having the same seat config as the BMW r1200gs.

Thanks again,


I just wanted to drop a line to say how happy I am with my 1st experience with your company. I ordered one of your deluxe pillion 1 pads for my SV1000 Naked. It’s a perfect fit, bye the way. I talked to Emmitt who took the time to help me make the right choice for my needs. He’s truly an asset to your company!!!

I can’t believe how much more comfortable the sheepskin pad is compared to the gel pad that I was using. I’m truly amazed and pleased. The quality, fit, and finish are great.

The item was shipped the same day & I received it on Friday, right on schedule. I’m spreading the word about you guys & I’ll be a repeat customer.

Thanks so much!!!

John P.

Norfolk, MA.

Thanks for the VERY quick shipping and the high quality product - don't know how I ever rode with out a butt pad - you guys rock!!!!!

Received my buttpads (driver and passenger) for my Spyder RT in 3 days and I am WOW'ed! What a difference they make in comfort and in the temp of my seats. I purchased them because after riding for an hour in 95+ degree heat my pants were wet from sweating. It hasn't been under 98 since I received the pads and I've been dry as can be. I love the fact that I don't have to hold my breath when I'm get ready to sit on a seat that has been baking in the sun all day. The buttpads keep the seat cool riding or sitting. The comfort the pads add are a bonus, I can ride for hours! Amazing!!! Customer service was excellent as well, you and your buttpads ROCK!!

Me and my butt thank you,


North Carolina Spyder Ryder

I am very impressed with your promptness. I got home from work today and the package was on my doorstep. That came all the way across the country in 2 days. Starting from your place on Saturday is very impressive. We really like the buttpads. We will be testing them out come Friday morning when we head to South Dakota. Thanks again for your service.


Hi Barb,

I just wanted to let you know that the buttpads turned up safely with me today. They were held up with our parcel service in the UK for a day or two until the customs duty was paid. In case you ever need to know for another UK customer the customs cost was £24.82

Thank you very much for all your help, I am really pleased with the items and the quality is fantastic. I have fitted them on the bike and they add a 'plushness' that I hadn't expected and really add to the overall look. I will be sure to take some photos for your site and write some good reviews.

I have yet to test them out on the road as the weather here is pretty miserable at the moment, but shall be out for a test drive as soon as the clouds clear!

I am a forum type of person, so will certainly recommend your company and spread the word.

Thank you very much for a great product and service

All the best,


We are very very pleased with our buttpads. They fit like a glove, your ship time was perfect and we greatly appreciated it. We will for sure tell all of our friends about you. But as soon as they see our's they will be asking! Thank you again.

Kenny & Beverly

Arkadelphia, Arkansas


My expectations were high because my intro to Alaska Leather was from Dr. J on the Super Sherpa group, and he's never been wrong.

"The Boss" answered my email on Sunday? Wow! Thank you.

The choice "Let Emmitt Decide" should be on the order form, because for me it was an excellent choice. He chose a natural dark chocolate with just a few traces of silver marbling. Grade A+, dense, plush and dark. Well done, Emmitt.

ButtPad arrived this afternoon, took no time to install, and then a test ride. On the way back I was about three miles from home when I decided to add "The Road Less Traveled", a shortcut of about twenty twisty miles through the woods of Southeast Texas. I saw several deer, an armadillo, a fox, and a herd of wild pigs, a bonus when you're not ready for the ride to be over. All together, a hundred mile ride in the Texas heat and 100% humidity without once thinking of my hard saddle or standing on the pegs to dry my sweat soaked pants, because I've been sitting on my sheepskin air conditioner. The perfect combination of padding, support and air circulation. Well done, indeed.

Great (a) Product, (b) Service, (c) Value. I am pleased. You should be proud.


Ordered Sunday afternoon....was Already shipped by 10am Monday morning. I have received my order Thursday afternoon and it is gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to try it out!

Thanks for great service- hope to visit y'all in 2013.

Barb D.

Parker, CO

Quick email to thank you for selling a great product at a reasonable price. This is my second pad purchased over the past couple of years. No disappointment here. I’m a fan.



Back in July, my friend, Dick Ward, riding a Victory Vision, myself and Rex Decker stopped at your place looking for a replacement headset for Dick Ward.
Your man Noah was terrific.
I write journals to document my rides because my memory is going faster than my sex life.
The stop in your shop netted the following comments from my journal:

Again, the Victory dealership is of no help. They recommend we visit a place called Alaska Leathers. A leather shop with electronics. This we gotta see.

This place is the berries. The have leathers, for sure, but they carry helmets, head sets, Gerbing heated gear and of course, their world famous sheepskin butt pad. What they got the most of is Noah. Noah is a young man from California who appears to have but one goal in life and that is to make you happy. He did everything we asked him to and more. I hope the owner is aware of just how much value this young man is to Alaska Leathers. Noah finds a solution to Dick's headset problem, it is very expensive and we will have to return the following day to get all the parts.

Noah is a keeper and a fun guy to work with your customers.
Dick, Rex and I thank you and especially Noah for making our stay in Anchorage pleasurable and productive.
The three of us had the best trip of our lives, to date, riding through your beautiful state.
Give Noah a pat on the back and perhaps one in his pocketbook.


Gus F.

I ordered the large deluxe pad since that is what your site says fits a Road King Classic, but specified that I had the larger Sundowner seat. You guys upped my order to an XL and it fits perfectly! Looks great too. Rode today for 200 miles and it was the best 200 miler to date on my bike. Looking forward to giving it a 2,000mi workout later this year!

What a BEAUTIFUL thing! I love it. So soft and super thick. I am very happy with it. The pictures definitely don't do it justice. Before I even put it on the bike I was touching it constantly. I even slept with it under my feet because it felt so cozy, like putting you feet in that first pair of LLBean moccasins. If you sold a twin size sleeping pad, I would buy that too! I got the X-Large Butt pad Long Hair Deluxe in Black, It fits my 950 Yamaha perfectly and gives the bike a whole new fun look. A perfect upgrade to the uncomfortable stock seat. Worth every penny in my opinion.

Thank You,



I just want to tell you what an awesome product you are making and selling. I love my new long hair butt pad, it looks great on my bike! Your quality is outstanding. I have been looking for sometime and a friend suggested another web site-way too expensive. I found yours and was very pleased with your prices. When I got it (fast to ship too) I was really surprised by how nice it is! Pictures don't do it justice. You should have a feedback page on your website. Just wanted to let you know I am a pleased customer and will be telling all of by biker friends. Ride on!

Dawn W.

Leander, KY

I bought one of your sheepskin pads for my new 2010 Yamaha 950 VStar Tourer and it is fantastic! It looks great and feels great and I would recommend it to anyone! I like the way it fits on the seat. We ride all the time and this time of year in Virginia it's quite cold. It's warm in the winter and I look forward to it keeping me cool in the summer. I am 101% satisfied! Thank you!

Maid Marian

Hello, I received the large black driver's buttpad for my 2002 750cc Honda Shadow A.C.E. today.Very fast shipping !! It fits perfect and looks great as it compliments the "Retro" look of my Cycle. This item was a "Weekly Special"@50% off the regular price. The buttpad is a real deal for the price I paid as I have seen other brands costing four times as much and they don't look as good as the one I purchased from your online store. I also like that it is a product of Alaska as I prefer to buy American. I am happy I found your store browsing the web and will mention your online store to anyone who admires your fine product on my Cycle.


Lawrence C.

Shelby Township, Michigan

It's very rare that I feel strongly enough about a product that I will actually send a testimonial, but after my second custom seat, (and still disappointed at the comfort level), I ordered your "Buttpad" and for the first time I love my bike. Your product has made a world of difference, and I can finally take long rides and actually feel comfortable. Thanks for a great product.
Also, I ordered your sheepskin insoles, and they made such a difference, that I ordered two more pairs. It's like walking on a could of air.

Dan B.

Roslyn, PA

Wow! What a difference the buttpad has made. The DR stock seat is like a riding on a 2x4. Buttpad has saved my arse. Thank you!

Ron A.

Fort Irwin, CA

ps- I've told many people-- your pad is possibly the best single piece of equipment I've ever owned-- it truly does exactly what is advertised and seems like it'll last forever. I never ride without it, even on track days, because I'm so used to having it under me with the distance to pegs, etc. And, on long or multiday rides it really makes a significant difference, especially in hot weather.

Just a pic of the SG with my new butt pad. Ready for a 2500 mile weekend trip from San Jose, Ca. to Jackson Hole Wy. this week.Fit is perfect and the additional comfort is apparent from the limited rides to date. Will let you know how well it works on the loooooooong ride this weekend.


Jim T.

I wanted to say thank you for the pads. I have had several people comment on them and a couple of dates went well because they were soo soft and better than anything they had ever ridden.
You made my bike that much more fun.

Thank you.

Forrest B.

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for making such a great product. We traveled from Ohio to California and back in early August. We rode through some intense heat, 112 from Vegas to California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas all 100+ temp. It was amazing to use the dry, cool, comfortable ride we had with your butt pads!

Thanks again and job well done!!!!

I just returned home from a 10 day 4,300 mile bike trip to Sturgis S.D. The deluxe buttpads are amazing. My wife rode with me the whole way, and we were more comfortable than we’ve ever been, even on much shorter rides. It’s the best investment in motorcycle accessories that I have made. I have been spreading the word to all my riding friends.

Thank You!

Eddie R.

Thank you for the lightning fast delivery. I ordered Fri and received it on Mon. Your sizing guide gave me a perfect fit for the seat of my VStar 1300.

Dick S.

Hampton, Va.

Barb & Crew,
I just want to say "thanks" for your terrific product. My girlfriend and I just returned from a 3,000 mile trip to Sturgis and back...and your butt pad made the ol' Electra Glide more comfortable than ever!

Thanks again!

Jeff K.

Warsaw, Indiana

Crazy goooood service, Received Monday and installed for first ride. Nice and soft on top of the Ultimate seat. First time my butt has been dry after a summer ride. Think I will place another order for another bike, maybe one for my office chair.

Thanks again,


HI Barb,

I received my buttpad last night. Thank you so much. Ill be able to have it while in Sturgis.

I work for Apple as a trainer, teaching new Advisors how to support our customers that call in for help. Apple has the highest satisfaction rating according to consumer reports than any other tech company, and higher than most other companies, regardless of what service they provide. I tell you this because you went above and beyond for your customer, actually more than we would because we always require the return of the failing product before we we send the replacement product out.

Again, thank you, and know that besides loving the product, Ill continue to sing the praises of Alaska Leather to my fellow bikers.


I ordered a small solo pad for my Iron 883 on Friday night, it shipped Saturday, and I had it Monday; all the way from Alaska to Texas in no time, talk about great customer service! The pad fits great; I have a stock Nightster seat on my Iron, and I used the steel 'keyhole' plate on the bottom of the seat to retain the pad strap. The pad is very nice in the Texas summer heat, and it doesn't make the pocket in the seat too cramped, which is a problem with most of the thicker pads out there. Thanks for a great pad and a simple, fast ordering experience.

Paul M.

I rode from Texas to the MOA rally in Sedalia during the height of the midwestern heat wave. 550 miles in 100+ degree heat meant I was going to need something between me and the leather of the R100GSPD. After a bit of research, I purchased a beaded seat cover for the ride to Missouri. It worked well for moving air between me and the seat and successfully prevented excessive sweating. What I found, however was that after 12 hours in and out of the saddle I developed uncomfortable pressure points,even after "rolling around" on the beads. While at the rally I saw your booth and inquired about my bike. Your rep suggested a Pillion 1 for the solo seat on the GSPD. I switched the beads for the sheepskin and looked forward to comparing the two seat covers under identical conditions. I am happy to say that my ride home was not as fatiguing as the ride up - I had arrived in Sedalia worn out a few days before, but I felt much fresher after sitting on the sheepskin for the return trip. No sweat - and no pressure points. Thanks for a great ride.


Just for the record, the pad really did work well. I have bad hips and knees, which led to the decision to get rid of the bike. Comfort was hard to get, even on my bike with the seat modifications. Add an old lower spine fracture to the mix, and I never knew if the body would make it 30 miles or be good for 300. Chronic pain is kind to no one. The pad did not extend my riding day as others have noted in your advertising. Rather, I was able to ride, or not, with some measure of comfort. I had enough add one to my Vulcan Classic 1700 to change my knee position and find something that would provide relief, but there is not much you can do with the hips or spine except modify the seat and add a good backrest, and I did both. That is where the pad helped. It cushioned the lower tailbone enough to keep the pain and hotspot at bay, allowing me to shift my knees on the bike, changing the angle at which my hips and legs rested, taking pressure off of the worn out hip sockets and that area. It is all connected, but your pad really did work as advertised. After I get a few more body parts swapped out, I may find myself back on a bike one day, you never know. But I will add another of you butt pads if that day should come.


Jim M.

Merry Christmas Barb--my wife ordered the pad from you and it fits a treat on my C&C seat on my 2011 Dyna--many thanks and glad to reconnect with Alaskan riding accessories from you. A great 2013,

Bruce M.

San Antonio, TX

Thank you for your amazingly fast service.
The buttpads are awesome. Great quality and look terrific on my bike. I will recommend your company to everyone I ride with.

Michael T.

I received my sheepskin for my bike Goldwing 2003 WOW it's SPLENDID!
Many thanks and I will recommend for the quality of your product.

André R.

Québec, Canada


Ed R.

Buttpad arrived yesterday after a short, 2 business day journey from Alaska to NW Iowa!
Installed it today and took it for an hour and half test run--Miraculous!!

Since 1982 when I overdid a motorcylcle trip, it's been difficult for me to handle more than one hour on any kind of bike. I've tried floorboards, forward controls, highway pegs, beads, gelpads, inflatable seats, etc. Result was always the same: one hour and done.

After my trip today the only reason I put the bike in the barn was because of a business appointment; could have ridden all evening.

Wonderful service, quality product. Attaboy to Alaska Leather

Roger W.

NW Iowa

Your sheepskin Buttpad is a terrific product! The first thing I did the morning after arriving in Anchorage was to stop in your store and pick up a Buttpad for my Softail Deuce. Needless to say, I sat on it the entire 5500-mile trip around Alaska and back to upstate New York! It gave me a much more comfortable ride—in cold, rain, heat and even some hail—16 days of riding in all! I just ordered a second one for my wife. It was great to meet you all and chat a little, too!

Dan W.

Binghamton, NY

I received my order today-Two business days after ordering!! From Alaska to Illinois in two days?! WOW! as for the pelt, well I am tight with my money and I can truly say this is the best money I've ever spent! Thank you so much, I am so glad I ran across you guys! I didn’t want to stop riding today



Ordered a 'Pad last Tuesday and received it on Friday. Not to shabby to No. Alabama..... I did not get to ride with it until yesterday and it is truly WONDROUS. Makes me WANT to "ride nekked". Feels sooooooooooooooooooo good!!!

Keep up the good work.


Norm H.

Dear Alaska Leather,
I ordered a Medium Deluxe pad on Friday morning. Imagine my surprise when lunchtime on Monday the mailman delivered it. Wow! I received it the next business day, Alaska to Texas. Kudos to you for shipping out same day the order placed and to US Post Office for fast transit. The pad itself exceeds my expectations as well. Beautiful soft, thick and evenly sheared sheepskin. Fits my Honda VTX1300S stock seat perfect. Everybody thinks that it is a custom made pad. Very comfortable and big improvement. Forget about Ultimate or Mustang seats, you saved me from wasting $500 on that purchase. Stock seat and Alaska Leather Deluxe pad is the way to go.

Best Regards,

David H.


After few months of using your Alaska leather cover on my BMW Gs here in the south of Spain I wish to congratulate for your product. I cross the Spain Mancha with 44º C hot in august, and throughout Andorra country with less than 0º C in the morning. It’s fantastic how my seat was comfortable (with long and long journeys) without inconvenient of he hot and the cold! My order was fast and very well packaged from your office to here at the south of Spain, and is far away, since I have motorcycle, the least investment I did with the most and valuable result with a big quality article! Thanks a lot, your product is excellent and you are a very good professionals! You now have a ambassador with me!

Joachim F.


I purchased one of your buttpads early in the spring of this year. My rides usually aren't too lengthy but long enough to get a bit fatigued in the maximus so I went looking for some relief short of purchasing an expensive new seat. I put your pad on my stock seat and really tested it this past weekend by driving over 500 miles in two days while attending a bike rally. We'll the proof was in the pudding....... not once did I think about my maximus. Your buttpad makes a huge difference in my riding comfort for a very reasonable price....... Thank you and keep up the great work! I'll be sure to recommend you guys to whom ever complains about riding comfort. Thanks,

Perry O.

Just wanted to let you know I received the seat pad yesterday, after only ordering it 5 days ago. I put it on right away, and it fits fine. It looks great as well. Thanks for your prompt service, and if I need anything else from your company, you can bet I won't hesitate to order.
Thanks again,

Ron M.

Ronan, Mt

I just had to write to you and tell you how pleased I am with the buttpads. I installed the rider pad today before running some errands. Immediately I could tell I was going to be more comfortableon the stock seat of my R1200RT! The natural dark grey color (nearly black) is just gorgeous and agreat match for the bike. Thanks so much for calling and talking meout of my original choice. This is exactly what I needed and I reallyappreciate your effort to insure that I would be happy! It worked! I'm really looking forward to my next long trip. I'm sure it will be ridden in great comfort now.


Dear Alaska leather, I received the sheepskin butt pad today. It fits well and feels great! Thanks,

Ken K.

Hey Guys and Girls at Alaska Leather,

I just received the covers for my Road King and my K1200LT and I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the hold down straps were well placed and though out. It took all of about 3 minutes per bike to add this exceptional accessory of comfort. The shipping was great also and almost beat me back home from the beach. I put 37,000 miles on my Kawasaki Voyager on one of these hides and all the miles were comfortable. You know a Corbin seat is good for extremely long rides but not as comfortable as with a sheep skin cover. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter is the best of both worlds.
Thanks for such a quality accessory that allows me to enjoy touring longer than a custom or stock seat.


I have never had such good service. Ordered it Sat. got it today Mon. 15th. Thank you so much.Now if the weather will improve I'll try it out.Thanks again.

Duane G.

I placed my order on Friday night at about 10:00 pm central time. My butt pad was in my mail box here in Iowa Tuesday when I got home from work. The charcoal colored deluxe large fits my seat perfectly and looks better than any pad I've seen! Very high quality, plush sheep skin. Thank you Alaska Leather for the excellent product and excellent service. Only in America.
Sincerely satisfied,


Hi Barb and Jim, I live and ride everyday in Arizona, In Central and Southern AZ, the weather in the summer is hotter than the south side of the sun. In Northern AZ it can go from just plain hot to teeth chattering cold in amatter of miles. On Saturday, Labor Day weekend, I did a 500+ mile roundtrip ride to Tombstone and Bisbee taking the roads less traveled, fifty of which were on a stretch of unimproved road that follows the San Pedroriver south to Benson, AZ. After long hours in the stock saddle of my 2007 BMW R1200GS, the term Monkey Butt hardly described my condition. On Tuesday morning, I ordered the Medium Buttpad Deluxe. I received my new Buttpad on Friday, less than a week after I ordered it. and the color is perfect for my custom desert camo paint job. Tried it out the next dayand rode 300+ miles with no complaints from my butt. What a difference. I am telling everyone I ride with to buy one. Your Buttpad saved my butt.

Peter T.

The first time I used my butt pad, I rode to Atlanta (about 350 miles) in the middle of the summer. All I can say is that the difference in comfort was just amazing. Since that time I have logged more than 50K miles on the pad. Much like my credit card, " I don't leave home without it". My most recent trip took me from Gainesville, Fl, to the furthermost northwest point on the lower 48 states, Cape Trails, Wa. I was gone 31 days and traveled 10200 miles, including a witnessed and veryified "Iron Butt Ride" of 1021 miles in 19 hours. I cound never had done this without the comfort of the pad.

Now about 4 years later, my pad was in need of repair. I contacted Barb at Alaska Leather and the repairs were made without charging me a penny. She was also kind enough to include a new strap to replace the one that was completely worn out. And the best part is that the turn around time was 7 days. I really wish to extend my thanks to Barb and Alaska Leather.


Jeff B.

I recently rode from northwestern Virginia to northeastern Tennessee and back, about 680 miles round trip. About the last 100 miles or so each way I started to feel that familiar pain in the rear I get when I ride for longer distances. Some people would say that the distance I rode was not that long, but I have degenerative disk disease and have had two lower back surgeries. While I can still ride, the distances I can travel in one shot have been drastically cut. I looked into several options to make my seat a little more comfortable on these trips. I saw that several people said that the gel pad pads are okay, but many also said that they seemed to be quite hard. Also, I couldn't afford to dump a lot of money into a new seat. I only need something that will give me a little bit of softness, while allowing some air to get through. This combination would be perfect for me. I saw your ad and gave you a call. The lady I spoke with on the phone recommended the deluxe buttpad and even told me the charcoal pads you have right now had a very dense coat on them. Based on her recommendation, I purchased the buttpad and the backrest pad. I placed my order on Wednesday and it arrived on Saturday. Not bad, Alaska to Virginia in four days. I just tried the pad on my Valkyrie and it felt great. It was extremely soft and gave me a nice amount of cushion. I can't wait to take it on the road and see how it performs. I'll let you know how my first long trip goes, but I look forward to it. In all, you can't beat the type of product you make as far as quality goes and the price won't break the bank either.

Steve R.

Front Royal, VA

Thanks a ton Alaska Leather. I used my pad for my 1st long distance ride this weekend on my 2002 Shadow ACE and it was awesome. I road about 700 miles round trip. I don't want to know how I would have felt without one. Now I just need to get one for my wife's seat behind me. Thanks again. This was the best bang for my buck.

Brandon M.

American Fork, UT

To whom it may concern; I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my Alaska Leather Sheep Skin ButtPad. I purchased the "Medium, Deluxe, Black with the attached Nose Strap". As you can see it fit my 2003 Triumph Bonneville, T-100 perfectly and it really softens the ride. If you wish, feel free to use my endorsement and any of the attached photos in your advertisements.

Kenneth T.

Brockton, MA

Thanks gang!!!!! I recently placed an order with you and you were all over it. I received my order very promptly and am pleased with my sheepskin pad...I also told the people at the Silver Wing forum how pleased I was.

The first thing I do before buying most products is read the reviews to see how others liked it. The reviews on Alaska Leather are what prompted me to buy sheepskin over wooden beads. I just (last night) finished riding from Bloomington, IL through the Tail of the Dragon(Deal's Gap) to Daytona Beach, FL for Biketroberfest and back. A total of 2,389 miles in 7 days and I used the Deluxe Buttpad for the ride down and back. On day one we rode just over 600 miles and my rear end began to get sore by the end of the day's ride. Without the buttpad my rear would have been sore the first 100 miles. Although nothing will keep your rear from getting some soreness on very long rides, the Alaska Leather Buttpad will allow you to go much farther than was possible without it. I called them prior to ordering on-line and they were very helpful with ensuring I received the color and style I was wanting. I'm very pleased with their service and their product. Thanks Alaska Leather!

Mike N.

I would like thank Alaska Leather for the BEST service I have ever received from any company on the internet!! I placed an order for a Deluxe Silver Medium Butt Pad on, Friday morning, August 29th at 4:30 AM EST. The pad was in my mailbox on Tuesday September 2nd. From Alaska to Maryland over Labor Day weekend! It took me longer to remove the seat then it took to install the pad. I took the bike out as soon as the seat was reinstalled and it felt like a new seat was installed. Comfortable and it looks good. I am already telling all fellow bikers about this butt pad and the quick turn around from Alaska Leather! There’s a whole bunch of companies that could take lessons from Alaska Leather when it comes to service.

Dear Barb & the Gang at Alaska Leather,
I just received my order today and I just have to tell you how happy I am with the Butt Pad and the Cord on Blue!! Great products!! The Butt Pad is a perfect fit, I chose the Black Deluxe Med. size "BP" and it compliments the Mustang Seats nicely. The Cord on Blues really do work and holds the helmets snugly without damage, No more falling off the wall or rolling off the bench. I will be a return customer for sure.
Thanks for the great service!


Sierra Vista, Arizona

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you about my experience with one of you sheepskin covers that I purchased a couple of months ago. I recently returned from Daytona Beach, Florida to my home in Phoenix. Your cover enabled me to ride 850 and 1000 mile days on my journey to and from Florida. This was never possible on the same motorcycle without the cover. I tell everyone that rides what a tremendous difference the cover makes. Thanks for a great product at a great price!!


Phoenix, Arizona

Late last week, I ordered a seat pad for my Bike. To my surprise, it was in my mailbox on Monday. All I can say is wow! Really great delivery and the pad exceeded my expectations. I even thanked the guy I work with that suggested you guys. Thanks again.


This thing is great! Exceeded my expectations, fit and felt fantastic. Shipping was so fast I could barely believe it. I wondered how it happened! I ordered it, turned around and it was there. Pleasant surprises all around with this company.

The seat arrived and I am blown away. I took advantage of a special you were having and gave you the go ahead to ship a more expensive one if you thought the special was a mistake. What you did is fill the order with a much better product than I ordered because you were out of your special. I was under the impression the special ran out when your supply did so you can imagine how surprised I was to get this sheep skin cover. I worked in sales for 30 years before retiring and I am impressed. My son may need one of these for our father son trip to Nova Scotia and I will make sure he sees your web site and hears how happy I am.

What makes this really special is I found this on my desk when I got home from a trip where our car was struck by lightning and killed the computer. It brought a bright spot to my day. =/8^]


I just rec’d the butt pad, rock straps, etc. in the mail today. Wanted to thank you for the quick service and the wonderful butt pad. It’s as if you had my MC in your garage and cut the pad out to fit my seat. Perfect!

Best Regards,


Very pleased with the pads. Took them on a 200 mile ride on July 3rd - very comfortable and cool. Thanks for the quick shipping and a great product.

Thank you to Noah the rest of the crew at Alaska Leather. I ordered an Extra Large Buttpad and Stop & go Tire plugs on 6/15/10 and received them today on 6/1/710. Shipped to Hamburg NY,on the south eastern terminus of Lake Erie. Bravo. Job well done!!!!! Just in time For a Saddle Sore 1000 which we will be riding on Friday 6/19/10. This is our fourth annual Iron Butt Run and Charity event for The Make- A- Wish foundation. Thanks to Alaska Leather I know my Ride will be more comfortable and safe due to the good people at Alaska Leather.



I just received my rally buttpad for an old KLR 650 and I just wanted to let you know that it's a great product at a great price. As a former Alaskan, I'm glad to see a business from my home state producing and shipping such an excellent product across the nation. Thanks and keep it up!


Got it. Thanks. It fits, looks, feels and works great!

The spotted buttpad arrived today. It's GREAT! Looks and feels fantastic. Thanks for providing a great product and the fast, efficient service.

Best regards,


Greer, SC

I recently purchased a Large Deluxe Buttpad from you guys. I must say this, it's great, it fits perfect on my BMW RT, & it feels great. Your service in shipping was excellent & it was here in no time. I recommend that any BMW riders if you want a nice soft ride get yourself a Lg Deluxe Buttpad, it will change your Butt. Thanks Again.


Blackstone, VA


Thank you for the quick orders and the fantastic products. I ordered one for my Tri glide and the guy who bought my ultra wanted one as well. Thanks again,


Hello, On Saturday, April 17th, in the evening local time I placed an order with you for a motorcycle sheepskin seat cover and a sheepskin pillion seat cover. Somehow the package arrived here in Rhode Island this morning, Monday the 19th at 10:55 AM via USPS. Great service, but scary fast! I cannot believe that a USPS package could travel so fast. I will install the covers on the bike this evening and I look forward to trying them out. Thanks for the great service! Regards,


I just wanted to thank you for the fast handling of my order of replacement straps and for making a fine buttpad. I love it! Thanks,


You guys are AWESOME! I ordered my buttpad on 6/22, and it was waiting for me when I got home from work on the 25th! I can't get things from 2 states away that fast, much less across the entire country! I was impressed to say the least! I decided to order from you after reading a comment about your company on the Can-Am Spyder forums. The summers here in NC are hot and humid, making those leather seats a little on the hot side. Not real crazy about the wet pants look, so I decided to try a buttpad. What a difference! Not only was it a lot cooler, but oh so soft. While my rides are not long distance, they will sure be comfortable! Thanks so much!


I have Buttpad !!!!!!! . is amazing! exceeds expectations! beautiful ! thanks

Got the sheepskin today in Ottawa Canada. Went for a rip on my 2010 Bonneville T100 and wanted to keep going,...couldn't believe how good it felt,...and I was considering refurbishing the stock seat for 4 times as much money. Thanks a bunch,..great product. My butt(pad) also thanks you! Cheers,


Barb, A little while ago I sent you an email saying that I should have my package by the time I leave for vacation (this Friday). Geeeeeeeeesh Barb,... the mail was just delivered and I received my Alaska Leather order. That has to be some kind of record for fast delivery. I ordered these items on Friday and it's only Monday. Double geeeeeeeeesh. Everything came through just fine. The insoles are the perfect size and I can't wait to try them out on a long, cool ride. They make my boots seem like a little piece of heaven. The Bikers Toothpick is the best bang for the buck for any knife I've ever purchased. AND, the Butt Pad is the correct size, fits my seat just right, and can't wait to try that item out on a long ride as well. I can't thank you enough Barb. Again, no other retailer I've ever done business with online has ever come close to you and your customer service. You should give some of these other companies some lessons on "Doing It Right". 'Til next time Barb,


Hi: Nice to see you folks at the Redmond Rally:) I bought a gel butt pad last year in advance of a cross Canada trip on my R1100S. It turned out to be fantastic!! My stock seat was getting worn and it was really designed to hang off the bike on the track; not for serious mileage. I went from Edmonton Alberta to Cape Breton Island and back in a month covering 12,000 kms. Every day was comfortable riding and I never felt sore even after many long days in a row. I hit some real soggy weather and the sheepskin was a real bonus; staying comfortable the whole time. I was able to move back and forth on the seat with no problem. It is helpful to change posture and re distribute weight between my hands/ arms/shoulders and butt. Honestly you have a great product and anyone interested in touring should get their butt a cozy sheepskin gel pad!!


Edmonton Alberta Canada

I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service and super fast delivery of my deluxe long haired sheepskin buttpad.
I placed the order on Friday the 17th of December and it was in my mailbox the following Monday the 20th! I'm still not sure how you guys do that!
This is the third buttpad I've ordered from you guys over the last several years and have been really impressed with the product every time.

Thanks again Alaska Leather!


Cheyenne, Wyoming

Hi Alaska Leather,
I wanted to thank you my new seat 24"nose med deluxe for my 2009 BMW GSA. Well, it looks great and it feels even better, when I ride it to work, I will be sure to tell everybody where I bought it!

Thank you again.


I bought one of your sheepskin pads for my new 2010 Yamaha 950 VStar Tourer and it is fantastic! It looks great and feels great and I would recommend it to anyone! I like the way it fits on the seat. We ride all the time and this time of year in Virginia it's quite cold. It's warm in the winter and I look forward to it keeping me cool in the summer. I am 101% satisfied! Thank you!

Wow! What a difference the buttpad has made. The DR stock seat is like a riding on a 2x4. Buttpad has saved my arse. Thank you!


Fort Irwin, CA 2009 DR 650

Just a pic of the SG with my new Buttpad. Ready for a 2500 mile weekend trip from San Jose, Ca. to Jackson Hole Wy. this week. Fit is perfect and the additional comfort is apparent from the limited rides to date. Will let you know how well it works on the loooooooong ride this weekend.


Ordered the alaskan dualsport buttpad in mad-cow pattern way back in 2005, and have since done many thousands of kilometers in blissful comfort. Was used for a while on my 1200GS ADV, but this was sadly written off in an accident. However, the buttpad still lives on as I'd kept the 1150. With the buttpad in place, I've done 800 mile days in the saddle without too much discomfort :-)
Two photos here, one with the 1200 above Val d'Isere in the French Alps, the second with a friend's GS1150ADV who was so impressed when he borrowed the pillion pad, he bought one himself :-)

Excellent product...


Received your butt pad and I love it. Adds a certain "bad boy" look to my 06 Roadliner.


Calgary, Ab Canada

My buttpad has wornout 3 goldwings. My butt will not ride without it!

Good Day Alaska Leather,

I received my pink buttpad...I LOVE it!  Now, my moto is officially called "Pinky."  It goes good...I am a breast cancer survivor...pink is the power color!

Thank you very much, 


I'm 59 and have seen many other riders with these for MANY years. My wife recently purchased this for me for my birthday. All I can say is WOW! I've been stupid for the past (too many) years! Buy it! Well done Alaska Leather!!!

Thanks once again for a superior product. Bought the P1 Buttpad for my BMW F700 GS as you recommended . Perfect fit and made the 1st 250 mile day a breeze. Looks the part too

Mike Whitney

Pownal, Maine

Thanks for another great buttpad; just made a 200 mile day trip on my 2013 Suzuki TU250X, and to show how well it worked, I didn't even think about the seat!

Paul J.


The attached pix are of my 2010 VT1300CS Sabre equipped with Alaska Leather sheepskin buttpad. (see photo gallery above)

The buttpad shown is the second I've purchased from Alaska leather. In aggregate, on my GL1500 Wing, 2 VT1100 Shadows, a VX1900 Stratoliner, and now my 1300 Sabre, I've toured some 36,000 miles with buttpads.  They're worth every penny for keeping circulation and even temperatures where the rider meets the ride.

That's not so say a sheepskin can make up for a poorly constructed and poorly fit OEM motorcycle seat; that would be expecting far too much.  But even under those common circumstances they can turn an agonizing ride into one at least tolerable.

When teamed with a properly fitted quality seat, the buttpad takes comfort to a whole new level.

But what's really special about Alaska Leathers is their customer service.  I wholeheartedly endorse both their product and their staff.


Roger J.