Gerbing 7V 7000mAh Extended-Life Battery with Remote & Charger Kit

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Gerbing's rechargeable 7-volt lithium battery pack with an integrated microprocessor and remote control allows you the freedom to stay warm almost anywhere.

Gerbing 7V Extended Life Battery Works With:

  • Gerbing Core Heat Vests
  • Gerbing Core Heat Jackets
  • Gerbing Core Heat Gloves
  • Gerbing Core Heat Socks
  • Gerbing Core Heat Cushions

Dimensions: 4" H, 3" L, 1" W

Instructions for programming a new remote with battery:

1. When battery is not connected (to load or charger), Push ON and OFF button on battery at the same time, the battery LED shall read A in flashing (means "address" searching),

2. Then push the OFF button on remote, the flashing A in LED display shall be OFF.