Nolan N70-2 GT Solid Helmets

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Six Possible Configurations: The N70-2 GT offers impressive versatility, allowing you to have six helmets in one. You can configure it in various ways, including the use of a peak, visor, or chin guard, depending on your preferences and the conditions of your journey.

Airbooster Technology: The N70-2 GT is equipped with Airbooster Technology, providing superior ventilation to ensure you stay cool and comfortable during your travels. This advanced ventilation system enhances your overall riding experience.

N-Com Ready with ESS (Emergency Stop Signal): Get ready to stay connected and entertained on your motor-tourism journeys with N-Com integration. This feature allows seamless integration of communication systems into your helmet, keeping you in touch with fellow riders or enjoying music while on the road. Additionally, the N70-2 GT includes ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) readiness, enhancing safety by signaling your stops to fellow riders and motorists.

VPS Sunscreen with Scratch-Resistant and Fog-Resistant Treatment:  This ensures clear vision, regardless of weather conditions or the challenges of the road.

Automatic Retraction System: The helmet features an automatic retraction system, providing convenience and ease of use when adjusting the VPS Sunscreen of the helmet to meet your specific needs.