J&M 8 Pin Cord/HC-PVB

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J&M P-Series Lower Section 8-pin Headset Connection Cord W/Volume Control for 1980-2017 Honda®/J&M® 5-pin Audio Systems.
This P-Series 8-pin lower-section hook-up cord is to be used with all J&M headset series #'s HS-ICD291, HS-BCD291, HS-ICD284, HS-BCD279, HS-ICD279, HS-CD9279, HS-BCD277, HS-ICD277, HS-BCD257, HS-BCD174, HS-ICD174 and #HS-CD9174 series helmet headsets, for connection to 1980-2017 Honda® and J&M® 5-pin audio systems.