FIN GPS Security System

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FIN is a durable, small, state-of-the-art GPS receiver that receives satellite signals and calculates where your ride is located with great accuracy. FIN then takes this information and transmits it over a specially designed cellular data connection from your ride to our data processing center. Here, the information is decoded, processed, and put in your FIN account on our servers, all presented to you, on digital aerial maps and in historical reports. Then alerts are sent to you over the cellular and/or internet networks, alerting you to log in with the smartphone app to see this data, all in near real-time.

FIN will work on any powersports vehicle including Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs and any Powered Watercraft and more. If it has an engine or a motor, a battery, and it moves or floats and has a secure spot for device placement, FIN can protect you and your valuable investments. Get a FIN for every powersports product you own, and track them all in the easy-to-use phone app or web portal.