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GloveTacts V3 Smart Fingertip Touchscreen Pads will upgrade your gloves to be compatible with touchscreen devices. Simply place the sticker on the outside of your glove, and you're ready to connect! Each kit contains 6 conductive touch screen stickers. Use them for index and thumb touch on your right and left hand gloves, and keep a couple as spares.They are made of a durable polyurethane film impregnated with graphite fibers to maintain long term conductivity, and the adhesive is strong enough to permanently bond to most gloves. They are drag-free on the screen and hold up to the rigors of riding, including pulling brake and clutch levers. If used on off-road style gloves they can be washed. Screen protectors interfere with touch sensitivity. All gloves, even those sold as “touch compatible” will experience degraded conductivity or may not work at all when using screen protectors. GloveTacts perform better than many ‘touch’ gloves, but depending on the screen protector and glove combination, it may not be enough to achieve reliable touch. In such cases, we suggest removing the screen protector or trying different ones. All gloves are different. Some have coatings that make it extremely difficult for any adhesive to bond to. In such cases, GloveTacts may last only a few rides.
  • TOUCH SCREEN: Use to make most gloves touch screen compatible; adhesive will stick to most glove materials
  • COMPATIBLE: Works with many glove types: motorcycle, leather, safety, winter, liners, ski, snowboard, bicycle
  • VERSATILE: Extremely thin material with acrylic adhesive
  • VALUE: Each package contains 6 stickers