7V Heated Glove Liner-Black

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The slim design of the insulated Heated Glove Liners by Volt make it a must have addition to your favorite pair of gloves.  Heated by powerful 7 Volt rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries these heated gloves are also a perfect solution to those mild winter days when insulated gloves aren’t needed.  The touch tech fingertip allows you to use your touch screen device without having to remove the glove.  The Heated Glove Liners sport a nylon outer shell for easy layering, soft tricot lining for superior heat transfer and a waterproof/breathable membrane to help keep the elements out.   This is a perfectly designed glove to optimize versatility giving you the power to combat the cold from fall to spring.

Approximate Battery Run Time per Power Level

100% High – 2 hours
75% Med/High – 3 hours
50% Medium – 5 hours
25% Low – 8 hours
  • Sizing: XS = 5", S = 6", M = 7", L= 8", XL = 9", 2XL = 10" (Measure around the hand at your knuckles. See Image
  • Our all  purpose 7v heated glove liners were specifically designed for safety personnel, military and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Touchscreen friendly fabric on the thumb, index and middle finger
  • Heats the entire length of each finger as well as the thumb, also the palm and back of the hand
  • Built-in 4 level microprocessor controller to select desired heat output
  • Includes two 7.4v 2200mAh batteries (VB722Y) and dual charger
  • Extra long gauntlet provides more room around the wrist and helps retain more heat