Warm & Safe Heated Socks-BLK

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Warm & Safe Heated Socks

The Warm & Safe Heated Socks are in stock! Made for the Motorcyclist providing heat in the toe area where bikers actually get cold from wind and spray. Made from micro fleece with latest in flat heat technology. You don't even feel wires! Unlike other products on the market, these heated socks actually keep your feet warm where they get cold, they aren't too bulky to fit in your boots and they are very comfortable!

Hookup the socks to the Warm & Safe Heat-troller through the Heated Pants or order the Long Y cable to power them alone from the motorcycle battery or the 7.4V portable battery pack

The Best Motorcycle Heated Socks Made!

  • Non-binding top
  • Heat where you need it, on the top of the toes
  • Technical Fabric that is comfortable, thin, soft & wicks moisture
  • Fitted heel
  • Seamless toe gets rid of bumps
  • 5 Sizes for a better fit
  • 9 watts of heat in each sock at 12.8 Volts.
  • Color: Black
  • Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL