Gerbing 3V Rechargeable Heated Insoles with Remote

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The Gerbing Rechargeable 3V Heated Insoles are the answer to eliminating cold toes for up to 8 hours on a single charge! The integrated heating system under the toes teams up with rechargeable 3 Volt batteries that are embedded in the heel. You no longer have to worry about misplacing or fumble with installing the batteries; just charge up the insoles, turn them on, and immediately feel the warmth! Handy trim lines on the Gerbing Insoles guide you to customize the fit to your footwear, and the thin profile of the insole guarantees a comfortable fit.

Whether you are out in the cold for work, for play, or just doing your daily activities, the Gerbing 3 Volt Heated Insoles are ready to provide the heat. The three heat level settings on the included remote easily allow you to adapt to the weather at hand. No more cold feet and toes when you wear the Gerbing Heated 3V Insoles!


  1. Charge Up - Fully charge insoles with provided charger kit (the battery is built into the insole).
  2. Pair Up – Pair the remote to the insoles.
  3. Turn On – Press and hold the power button on remote of the back of insoles to turn on the power.
  4. Select Heat – Choose (H)igh, (M)edium, or (L)ow heat level on the remote.
  5. Insert - Place insoles in shoes or boots.


  • Heats up to 140F and lasts up to 8 hours
  • Easy to use the wireless remote control with 3 heat settings
  • Integrated heating system with built-in 3V rechargeable batteries
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight design for maximum comfort
  • Fits in all types of footwear, shoes, and boots
  • Heating System: 3 Volt
  • Sizes Available: S/M, L/XL

Material Contents:

  • Deodorized breathable fleece lined softshell fabric

Estimated Heating Time:

  • (H)igh: 140F - 3 Hours
  • (M)edium: 120F - 5 Hours
  • (L)ow: 100F - 8 Hours


  • (2) Gerbing Rechargeable 3V Insoles
  • (1) Dual micro-USB charging cord
  • (1) Wireless remote control
  • Accessory storage bag
  • Instruction manual